Smartwater protection in place in London

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and SmartWater have successfully completed its second year of the MetTrace programme – an initiative designed to reduce residential burglary in London.

  • Burglary in MetTrace/SmartWater protected areas down 27%, compared to 5% in non-MetTrace/SmartWater areas

  • 61,000 police hours released to help fight terrorism.

  • More than 3,000 less burglary victims from the start of the project

  • Cumulative savings for Local and National Government now more that £12m*. 

At this present time, over a quarter of a million homes in London have now been provided with the company’s traceable liquid (the SmartWater product also known as ‘Dab-it-On™’) , free of charge, in order to protect property such as smartphones, computers, bicycles and jewellery.

The programme has seen a reduction of more than 3,000 burglaries since its introduction two years ago. Offences in MetTrace areas are down 27 per cent, compared to a 5 per cent reduction in non MetTrace areas. Additionally, this has resulted in savings to the MPS of more than £2 million.

Police teams throughout London have been delivering kits to residents and have been trained to detect the presence of SmartWater on stolen property.

In order to make homes less attractive to burglars, residents have been supplied with window stickers advertising its use. Criminals are also alerted to the initiative through the use of high profile street signs.

Not only have over 60,000 police hours have been saved through the reduction in investigation time, allowing them to be deployed to other front-line duties including the fight against terrorism, but MetTrace also continues to provide officers with an excellent opportunity to engage with local residents and discuss any crime prevention or other police related issues.

A recent MPS survey, which provided 4,900 respondents, showed confidence in the police at 93 per cent in MetTrace areas compared to 69 per cent in non-MetTrace areas.

Detective Chief Superintendent Iain Raphael, the MetTrace project lead, said: “We’re delighted with these results, not only because we have been able to reduce the number of burglary victims so significantly, but also the cost savings in terms of police time is good news for all Londoners.”

Phil Cleary, CEO and Co-Founder of SmartWater, said: “It’s been an honour to work with the MetTrace team and witness their determination to reduce burglaries in London. We believe that SmartWater’s established reputation is a potent threat to criminals and has played a significant part in securing this excellent result.”

Over the next 12 months a further 174,908 MetTrace kits will be rolled out across London.

Reference: Home Office report ‘Estimates of the economic and social costs of crime in England and Wales’