Smartwater contract with Tata Steel

SmartWater’s Risk Management team have secured a major contract with one of the Europe’s leading steel manufacturing companies, Tata Steel. Precise details cannot be disclosed for security reasons but the overall all aim is to secure the assets of the Company.

Made up of former members of law enforcement, intelligence and special forces communities, SmartWater’s risk management team provide services to a range of industrial and insurance clients, including Ecclesiastical Insurance Group and Network Rail  and many others.

Operating out of the SmartWater’s Centre for Infrastructure and Asset Protection (CIAP) in London, the award-winning team provide a range of services, including crime pattern and predictive analysis, together with disruption and deterrence techniques, all aimed at detecting and/or deterring criminal gangs targeting our clients’ assets.

Winners of National Rail Safety and Security award


Working closely with law enforcement agencies, the team have helped the police secure the conviction of hundreds of serious criminals, the result being that the SmartWater brand is now recognised as one of the most powerful crime deterrents.

The following video, courtesy of the BBC’s ‘Caught Red Handed’ team, shows our risk management team in action, this time targeting an organised crime gang on behalf an Insurance Industry client.  The number of attacks on our client’s assets were reduced significantly, as a direct result of this operation: