To celebrate our partnership with the Metropolitan Police, we’re offering police forces across the UK the opportunity to buy Home Security Packs at a promotional price...

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  • SmartWater is compliant with the Home Office Forensic Science Regulator’s Code of Practice
  • Our forensic laboratories are fully accredited to internationally recognised ISO17025
  • Our secure database is accredited to internationally recognised ISO27001 standard
  • SmartWater has secured hundreds of convictions in the UK Criminal Courts
  • Perpetuity Research, headed by Professor Martin Gill, found that 74% of criminals would abandon their plans to steal if a SmartWater deterrent sign was on display
  • SmartWater has never lost a contested case in the UK Criminal Courts
  • Is an accredited Superbrand 2015, trusted by consumers, well-known and feared by criminals

In addition, SmartWater undertakes to:

  • Provide your police service with forensic analysis of SmartWater evidence, free of charge
  • Provide testimony in the Criminal Courts in support of a police prosecution, free of charge
  • Never to use data you supply for marketing purposes, without your express written permission
  • To safeguard your data and provide you access in perpetuity, free of charge


Royal Seal of Approval For War Memorial Project


The Duchess of Cornwall has met with representatives from the SmartWater Foundation and War Memorials Trust to hear about a project seeking to identify and protect all of the UK’s war memorials from the threat of metal theft. 

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Bungling Crooks Jailed For Cash Robbery


Two bungling criminals who attempted to destroy evidence of a violent cash-in-transit robbery by torching a bathtub filled with stolen banknotes have been jailed. Despite their best attempts, the banknotes were still identifiable by SmartWater scientists, linking the pair with the robbery. 

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Fleets offered protection against catalytic converter theft


Thieves are stealing the CAT portion of the exhaust system leaving the vehicle disabled, the exhaust system damaged and repair bills that can run from £500 to £2,500 or more. It’s a major headache for fleets who suffer loss of revenue, vehicle downtime, the cost of hiring a replacement vehicle, the cost of paying insurance excess and possible increased insurance premiums. 

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Invisible security tagging system to sink would-be thieves at Southern Water sites


Security at Southern Water sites has been beefed up thanks to an invisible security tagging system. Called SmartWater, the product has been sprayed onto generators, cables and other equipment to deter thieves. 

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